Love Monday: To MBA or Not to MBA

Love Monday LogoLessons abound. There are those you learn in the midst of a degree program and there are those you pick up over a business lunch. There are lessons to be learned every time you do business internationally. There are many lessons you’ll need to learn twice. And there are certainly lessons that can bruise the ego – only to raise you up to an even better place in the end. Lessons are what keep us moving and allow us to push even closer to our goals. Here is our #LoveMonday tribute to learning all we can:

“It hurt a little bit, but I’m very grateful…” Kayak co-founder and CTO, Paul English, claims this is the best lesson any manager ever taught him. And here’s the technique he developed to implement the leadership lesson himself.

How does the language of business affect your workplace? Here’s an interesting read on the different ways a Japanese or English person might answer the question, “Will it rain tomorrow?” – as illustrated by Hiroshi Mikitani, founder and CEO of Rakuten (Japan’s largest online retailer) in his book, Marketplace 3.0.

Career dead-ends are a hard lesson to learn.  Here’s how to craft a “sustainable career” that’s dynamic and flexible and features: “continuous learning, periodic renewal, the security that comes from employability, and a harmonious fit with your skills, interests, and values.” Sounds good, right?  Here’s how to do it.

Lesson (re)learned: yet another good reason why men need women (and a compelling study-backed case for having more women in leadership roles).

Debate this: What’s more valuable in helping you reach your career goals – an MBA or real world experience?


What’s the biggest career lesson you’ve ever learned? Share your story with our readers in the comments.