LoveMonday #58: The Balanced Lifecard

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Get a life: that’s one of the rules of thumb Skype’s Business Services leader, Moz Hussain, uses to help people decide should I go or should I stay?  But he’s not just talking about a “hobby.” Hussain’s trick for personal and career mastery is to be so well-attuned to one’s own values and goals that every choice is an easy one. If the opportunity doesn’t align with what’s important (and sometimes necessary, like putting your kids through university), then it’s time to move on. An extra happy #LoveMonday to our smartest and savviest readers #LoveMomsMonday


A little time spent working on our Balanced Lifecard this weekend, as presented by Microsoft’s Moz Hussein, has us approaching #LoveMonday with a refreshed sense of our goal-to-date progress. Is it time to refresh your own perspective?   

When Richard Branson talks, we listen. In this list of his illustrated top ten tips for successhe explains why you need a sofa in the kitchen and why having fun should always be priority one. 

Soft landing: Karen Jones, Microsoft’s Deputy General Counsel says,  “As a global company we are always assessing where we should be in the world, where’s the talent, where’s the opportunity…two years ago we started looking at that and we looked at various locations around the world and Vancouver rose to the top.” Read more about Microsoft’s new mega centre in Vancouver.

This weekend we’ll be celebrating the smartest and the savviest people we know – moms. Here are some reusable skills any manager could take from motherhood to supercharge their leadership skills

Mastering cross-cultural communications is the centrepiece of international business success. How good is your behaviour? A great case study in cross-cultural misunderstanding here.