The Recruiting Strategies Of The Voice Coaches

The Voice is viewed by millions of fans every season with the blinds being, undeniably, the most exciting part of each season. What do the coaches listen for? What do those tune-perfect ears hear that mine don’t? 

But more than that is the vulnerability each coach shows in deciding to be on the show. What if nobody picks your team? What if only three people want to be coached by you? In steps the recruitment strategy of The Voice, where each coach has to win people over in their own individual way. Should you be pushy? Should you let people come to you? Should you get Dolly Parton to appear in video for you? Here are the recruitment processes we’ve witnessed from each coach:


Developer. Cultivator. Focus.

He’s got the skinnies, the falsetto, the tattoos. He’s got the swagger and he’s got the strategy. Team Adam is team focus: he’s looking for x,y,z and he will make it very known when and if you fit into the overall vision of his team. He zeroes in on exactly what he wants and he doesn’t hit his button just because someone else has (cough, Miley, cough). He thinks potential-first and begins the coaching phase right from the blinds. He’s a natural teacher, a developer, and he knows you have sh*t to learn (especially from him).

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Relator. Individualizer. #YouGotThis.

This comes as a surprise to no one –the coach wearing pasted pink flowers to her denim jacket is most certainly team express yourself. Her recruitment on The Voice involves making everyone feel individual, special, and mining out the “what makes you you?” emotion. (Dare we say she’s Dr. Seuss re-incarnate?) She attracts those who want to appear to be different (hello mustard yellow velvet jumpsuit on Darby) and who are tired of the status quo. Her hands-on approach to coaching – with the sing-alongs and the dance-alongs — say one thing: I’ll help you take you there, but YOU got this.

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Woo. Zen. Positivity.

Prepare to be charmed. Alicia is the new Pharrell: she’ll wordsmith you right out of logic and into her arms – and look hella fashionable (in a way we could NEVER be) while doing it. She will talk to you in a spiritual way and tell you about you in a way that is caring and complimentary (and not domineering or insensitive). She goes for the emotion and keeps her singer in the spotlight. “What brought you here? Why do you sing? How did you do that?” She’s involved, supportive, and most importantly, #shesgotyou.

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Self-assurance. Certainty. #FingerPoint.

Welcome to the realm of self-assurance. If you’re looking for been there, done that, then Blake is your man. With a track record of four wins – and not afraid to tell people (more specifically, Adam) about it – Blake knows what it takes to take you to the end. He allows talent to come to him, without begging, grovelling, or pleas. He has somewhat of a trend in taste, attracting most of the country, bluesy-rock talent in The Voice. The real question from him is, no matter what genre you are, why WOULDN’T you pick him?