#TheBestof: The Art of Marketing Conference, Vancouver


We didn’t get a chance to attend the Art of Marketing at the Vancouver Convention Centre this year (did you see that line up?), and we’re kicking ourselves.

Luckily, Vancouver being stocked full of talented bloggers and switched-on marketers, we’ve been able to track down some excellent posts recounting more than 8-hours of marketing insight.

Tackling “today’s most critical marketing issues,” the Art of Marketing conferences are known for bringing together impressive rosters of speakers with deep marketing knowledge and “real world experience.” A seat in the audience this year meant the chance to interact with 6 industry heroes – and share in the energy of over 1200 marketing professionals loving what they do.

So, post-work solo-networking cocktail in hand, we encourage you to delve into the world of Arianna Huffington, one of the top mind’s of Method Cleaning Products and even the guy who discovered Justin Bieber.  Since we can’t provide our own recap, we thought we’d help other MIA marketers find the best and most comprehensive crib notes on what might well have been the marketing event of the year.

In honour of the Georgia Straight’s recently released 18th Annual Best of Vancouver Awards, we thought we’d lay out our top go-to ‘Art of Marketing’ guides in the tried-and-true “best of” format:

Best For Making You Feel like You Were Actually There for all 8 hours

Christina Buiza, local blogger and sociologist turned marketer, leaves no stone unturned. She sums the conference up as ‘freakin awesome’ and then goes on to list her top 30 Marketing Lessons from The Art of Marketing Vancouver in an easily digestible and attractive list. She’s sorted the intel by speaker and lists the top take-aways from each. To boot, she’s given her readers some homework, an immediate “action” any business owner or marketer can take to implement the knowledge shared.

Best for Storytelling-it

Rebecca Coleman has a knack for bringing stories to life. If you want to feel the lingering energy of the day, and feel those a-ha moments as if you’d had them yourselves, then head over to her blog. She rounds up the day in 6 buckets of takeaways, from “Empathy Rules” to “Social Media is Intimacy.” She also lists some of her favourite tweets from the day (so helpful). Our personal highlights from her tweet-list were:

  • Eric Ryan @methodguy – “I encourage people to steal our ideas, because I guarantee you I’ve stolen mine from someone.”
  • Jonah Berger @j1berger – “Good marketing stories are like trojan horses: the benefit is hidden in the story.”
  • Scooter Braun @scooterbraun – “If you don’t have a charitable component to your business, shame on you.”
  • Arianna Huffington: @ariannahuff – “We need to change our language around business. Working 24/7 should not be rewarded.”

 Best for video-enhanced learning (and brevity)

If you’ve got some time on your hands, and a quiet room, you should check out the 3-point “Art of” highlights from Kathryn Wright. Emerging from what she remembers as 8-hours in a “windowless room,” she’s offering to save you the time by boiling it all down to 3 emergent themes. In a nutshell, she’s saying that the ‘art of’ really comes down to: (1) delivering quality, (2) being authentic and (3) taking care of those around you – starting with yourself.  She peppers the post with videos featuring Arianna Huffington’s Ted talk and the infamous Blendtech infomercial.  We like this one for brevity too.

Thanks to everyone who shared their experiences at the Art of Marketing conference in Vancouver this week. We’re proud that Vancouver can successfully host and populate a top-tier marketing gathering like this one – and we couldn’t have virtually been there without you.

Oh, and now that you’ve got the lo-down on the speakers, here are the pictures. See anyone you know? What we see is an event we’re sad to have missed. Thank goodness for the sharing economy.

If you have a blog, tweet, Facebook post, Vine or any other shareable recap of the day, please share it below in the comments. If you were at the Art of Marketing Conference in-person, what were your top #standapart highlights?We’d love to know.