Will you integrate Twitter’s new Lead Generation Cards into your marketing?

In the marketing world, this is pretty epic news: Twitter has just launched the newest face in its Twitter Cards program: a brand new “Lead Generation” tool that allows marketers to collect leads directly from tweets. For anyone advertising on Twitter, this means you no longer have to send people to a landing page. Active users can now register their interest within the twitter-scape, through a one field, one click lead form that captures name, email and twitter handle.

Wait a minute, did I really just write one field, one click? Could Twitter’s new cards be the Holy Grail of Lead Generation?

Here’s how Media Whizz explained it:

For Twitter, it is a recognition that engagement and social media buzz are great but the days of advertisers being able to live solely off of that as justification for investing in social media campaigns are quickly coming to a close. As Twitter said in announcing the new direct marketing offering, the key goal for many marketers “boils down to one more theme: generating leads and ultimately driving purchases.” We couldn’t agree more.

At the moment, the Lead Generation Card service is just being rolled out to “managed clients,” but it should be available globally to small businesses soon. Priceline has been testing it for hotel discount coupons; here’s how it looks when you expand their tweet:

Screen Shot 2013-05-27 at 12 05 33 PM