Who You Gonna Call?

The time has come. Marina Guy, our Creative Services & Communications Recruitment Consultant, is gearing up for her final day in the office before her imminent (and inaugural) transition to parenthood. Marina has built a thriving practice in both disciplines and will be returning to us in early 2017. If you want to wish Marina well send her a message on LinkedIn.

Keep Calm and Call Catherine Ducharme.

Team Smart Savvy is (uber) pleased to announce that Catherine Ducharme will be stepping in on a contract basis to manage the Communications-focused roles within Marina’s portfolio while she is away. For those of you who know Catherine, our guess is you’ve just said to yourself, “Now that makes sense!” For those of you who’ve not met Catherine, you’ll definitely want to get to know her ASAP.

Catherine is a career communicator with 25+ years of corporate and internal brand + communications leadership experience within the technology, life sciences, health, and professional services sectors. If you are a top-shelf communications professional, we suggest reaching out to Catherine on LinkedIn to get acquainted (or you can email her at ‘Catherine at smartsavvy dot com’).

Watch for future announcements on the Creative Services front.