The Digital Marketing News You Need To Read Sep22


The Digital Marketing News You Need To Read

The digital landscape is a constantly evolving one; once you have your finger on something, it begins to slip away, change, and become (almost) unrecognizable. What is this thing now in my hand that I no longer know how to use but once loved? (iOS 10, we’re looking at you). Then you start to feel old and just use Facebook. 

But in all seriousness, the digital marketing-tech marriage is evolving far faster than we wish our Pokemon were. If we could report on every exciting trending Twitter topic, or every techy tabloid headline about who’s in the works for what, we would. But, it turns out, there are just SO many. So instead, here are the bigger changes in digital marketing that either happened recently or are in the works for near-future changes. And don’t worry, this won’t just be about VR.


1. Twitter gives us more characters

Okay, not quite more characters per se, BUT it no longer attributes important aspects of a tweet (such as photos, GIFs, and @ replies) as part of its precious 140 characters. It is creative freedom at its truest form. No longer will the world need to stress over how to squeak in that oh-so-perfect GIF or worry about unnecessary two-part tweets when getting in an important argument with an online foe (*cough* Trump supporters). We could not be happier about this Twitter change. 

[WPGP gif_id=”5982″ width=”600″]

2. Google unveils their digital assistant

And we were all hoping it would be like Jarvis from Ironman. Because they showed up late to the game, everyone’s expectations are fairly high that their computer interaction will be slightly better than either of our good friends, Siri, Alexa, or Cortana. It works within Google’s new messaging app, Allo, and will soon appear as a “smart speaker,” very similar to Alexa. But the real question remains: why is Google’s unnamed while the others are? Is this gender neutrality at its finest or will this ruin the personalization between human and smartphone? 

Google's Digital Assistant

3. Snapchat plays with AR

It appears Snapchat is hopping on the wearable tech train, as it should be. They’ve made all the necessary steps to work towards some kind of a wearable Snapchat headset, something along the lines of a Google Glass but created solely for social purposes. Facebook will have Oculus and Snapchat will have this (whatever this IS is yet to be fully determined). Stay on the edge of your seat for more AR goodness, as well as more Facebook vs. Snapchat warfare. 

Snapchat Glasses

Photo: Vanity Fair

4. LinkedIn Learning goes live

After acquiring a while back, LinkedIn has just this morning revealed their targeted, personalized e-learning program called LinkedIn Learning. It will reportedly use much of Lynda’s content (who wouldn’t) and be targeted at both individuals looking to learn and companies looking to further train their employees. We see great things in the future for LinkedIn Learning and we’ll be sitting in the front row, with our notebooks open, putting our hands up and asking questions, if you need to find us.

LinkedIn Learning