BRIAN WONG~ Behind Serendipity and Superpowers

Stand Apart Profile:
BRIAN WONG Behind Serendipity and Superpowers: Solid Career Advice from a Giant of Mobile Advertising.

How do we fully encapsulate the extreme speed of Brian Wong’s career trajectory? Let’s review his last two weeks:

Up, up and…seriously, can you get more ‘up’ than that? It’s been two weeks!

I recently had the opportunity to share a stage with Kiip’s 21-year old CEO at SmavvyTV – our live event featuring career ‘hindsights’ from Vancouver’s top Marketing leaders – for a rapid-fire digestion of life as Brian Wong. Here’s two qualities that make Brian Wong #standapart:

Decision-making/Career Planning

He calls it ‘serendipity’ but we’re going to classify it as straight-up career strategy and some pretty epic decision-making. Whether it’s starting a small hobby-based company while still in university (skill building), arranging meetings in San Francisco after turning down an unpaid internship (networking) or deciding to go his own way after being laid-off by DIGG (transitioning), we see the strategy behind Brian’s ‘happy’ accidents. Maybe it’s no surprise that Kiip’s driving philosophy is “we want to capitalize on happiness” and their mantra “moments matter.” Brian’s so-called ‘serendipity’ was actually his own reward for positioning himself for success by networking, seeking out opportunities and owning his skills.

Playing to your strengths

It’s way more fun to talk about Superpowers. After all, anyone who’s Instagram feed shows them with Bono, MC Hammer and Kate Middleton all in the span of a year, deserves a bit of self-imposed mystique. But we’re hearing some solid professional advice behind the mask. Identify your strengths, take what you’ve got, put it on a cape and fly. For Brian, he took an early thumbs-up review from Mashable and, in his words, “abused the crap out of it” in requesting meetings with the who’s who of Silicon Valley. That’s why it didn’t matter that there was no company to invest in when the Venture Capital firm, True Ventures, offered him his initial $200K based on meeting Brian and hearing his pitch. Brian’s super-strength is distilling big problems into pretty simple solutions. Someone else can file the incorporation papers.