Introducing Smart Savvy’s Newest Recruiter

Smart Savvy couldn’t be happier to announce the advancement of our sales recruitment team with the addition of Sales Recruitment Consultant, Britt Feltan. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Britt’s been around Smart Savvy for just over a year in the Talent Research department. After helping to source and place a dozen candidates, and showing a streak of passion for sourcing for sales positions, Britt has been promoted to the recruitment team.

Britt’s background at BC Lions prepped her for hitting, exceeding, and kissing goodbye to her targets. Her specialization in HR and talent research has given her a vast network of sales professionals as well as the eye for which resume (and person) is perfect for the job. Britt is the definition of strong work ethic and 9-5 means nothing to her. She will work tirelessly until she’s found the perfect match not only for the company, but for the corporate culture, the team, and the future.

If you’ve never met Britt (and trust us, you’ll want to) connect with her on LinkedIn or give her a follow on Twitter. If you’re looking for your next sales hire, as well as a long-lasting consultative client relationship (with the occasional high-five,) contact Britt at at britt@smartsavvy.com, or give her line a ring at 604-639-5044.


Also, mark your calendars for Britt’s first sales blog post coming out later this week! Recruiter, writer, sales maven – what can’t she do?