#LOVEMONDAY ~ our opportunity to highlight all the people and activities we think #standapart

What motivates you to wake up Monday morning? Is it the job you’ve worked so hard to land? Is it the special project you’re leading? Is it a team of solid colleagues? A leader who’s committed to sharing it all?

For us, it’s all the ways we see people and organizations bringing their best to what they do. Love Monday is our new weekly blog feature giving an enthusiastic nod to what makes us start our week on the right foot.

Here’s our LOVE MONDAY #standapart list:

Coolest things we heard coming out of Open Data Day at Vancouver’s City Hall:

Real time feeds of bus locations and an app to find bike parking (and let others know when a bike rack is full). How civilized!

Love it: A story about how Telus harnessed some big data to “delight” its online customer community leading up to the BB10 launch. From Sysomos via @6s_Marketing

#ifihadglass, I could stop googling it incessantly at work.

Have you added yourself to We Are Vancvr? Developed by Domain7 labs and inspired by PRTLAND.com, we see more than a few #standapart faces in this living catalogue of Vancouver’s creative talent.

Hootsuite vs. Lululemon: Not usually in a face-off but recently viewed in a pretty serious shake-off (Harlem-style, that is). What do you think? Is it the Owls or the Yogis? We think they both shake it pretty darn well.

Walked by Hotel Vancouver lately? They’ve pulled the curtain up over some unsightly upgrades in action. We’re digging this monumental multi-story digital print as captured by @VIAwesome