Meaningful Recognition and The Awesome Awards

Vancouver’s Most Thoughtful Corporate Gifts

Sure, there’s something to be said for the annual sales trip to Club Med or the big fat bonus cheque you didn’t expect. But recognition comes in all shapes and sizes, and corporate gifting practices are most meaningful when they act as a natural extension of your company values and employee culture.

That said, we’re excited to share our Smart Savvy approved list of corporate gift and employee recognition suppliers. Thoughtful, on-mark and committed to telling a story bigger than an online transaction with the company card, we’ve put some serious thought into how to make the most of your “oh, how thoughtful!” moments.

Employee Awards

I was recently told I’m awesome. Not in a high-five over beers or fist pump on the soccer pitch kind of way, but in gathering of community people, with heartfelt presentations, beautiful awards made of reclaimed wood and delicious home made food.

Local company, Eclipse Awards (who is awesome in their own right) has created the Awesome Awards – the world’s first living recognition program aimed at building stronger communities by celebrating the people that make them awesome.”

We used Eclipse Awards for all our recognition plaque and trophy needs. After all, how many corporate award companies do you know that have a 5-year plan in place to reduce carbon emissions by 20%? And beyond their environmental conscience, Eclipse is a deep-thinker when it comes to recognition – how it affects the receiver, the giver and even the on-looker. You’ll not only receive great customer service, but maybe a new philosophy on who and what you’re recognizing in the first place.

 Congratulations and Condolences

More than just a flower shop, Olla Urban Flowers calls itself a “project.” Their mission? To create socially conscious arrangements stemming from a social enterprise mandate in the Downtown Eastside (DTES). Olla’s commitments: buying local, urban and ethically traded flowers, lifting spirits in the DTES by redirecting corporate event flowers to local charities, providing positive job opportunities to DTES residents and pursuing a zero-waste mandate through strict disposal guidelines and collaboration with local composting projects. Oh, and their arrangements are Drop. Dead. Gorgeous.

Thanks and Welcome

Forget the traditional, generic gift baskets. What about a story basket? When it comes to saying thanks, welcoming a new placement to their first day on the job or recognizing a major accomplishment, we’re working with Saul Good Gift Baskets to “radiate happiness.” Saul Good believes in building meaningful relationships by giving gifts that tell stories – stories of community connections and heartfelt homemade goods (even their insulating shred has a story). Their deep relationships with social enterprises make us feel good about making someone else feel good.

Recognition done right doesn’t have to be expensive, time-consuming or complex, but it does have to be meaningful.  Genuine appreciation goes a long way to making someone feel valued. Thoughtfully selected gifts let them know that you value the process as well.

What are your corporate recognition strategies? Which suppliers do you use when gifting to clients or employees? What role do you think recognition plays in keeping your staff happy and feeling valued?