#StandApart: Darren Mahaffy, Vice President Marketing, Nature’s Path

This is the fifth and last installment of our @BCAMA Evening Speaker Series, “If I knew then…” Peter Reek facilitated a panel of five leading Vancouver marketers. He asked them to examine ‘aha’ moments, epiphanies, and things they may have done differently in their careers.


Being in an independent packaged goods company is entirely different from anything I’ve done, but its also the most fulfilling. – Darren Mahaffy

Toronto’s loss has been Vancouver’s gain. Three years ago, Darren left the city, and a career that spanned positions at Proctor and Gamble and Weston Bakeries, landing in Vancouver just in time for the Stanley Cup riots. Nevertheless, he hasn’t looked back. Here are Darren’s career takeaways on how to #StandApart:

Start big and learn lots. There is value in starting your career at a large company. By closely watching the people around him, Darren derived a wealth of experience without having to do the work himself.

Big companies have lots of smart people. In a large corporation, you will benefit not only from the people in your office, but also people from satellite offices. Invest in yourself while you’re there – act like a sponge and you will benefit greatly.

Being good with data will set you apart. When it comes to data,you need a hypothesis. An over abundance of data in the world means if you don’t have something you’re trying to prove or disprove, all you’re doing is spinning your wheels.

Bring solutions to the table. Come to your boss with ways on how to improve business, that’s how you move forward.

People in Vancouver have different attitude towards work: they are interested in learning how to work smarter, not harder.  – Darren Mahaffy


Darren’s presentation slides:

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