#StandApart: Kari Grist, Managing Director, Marketing & Communications at UBC

This is the third installment of our @BCAMA Evening Speaker Series, “If I knew then…”Peter Reek facilitated a panel of five leading Vancouver marketers. He asked them to examine ‘aha’ moments, epiphanies, and things they may have done differently in their careers.

Kari Grist is the Managing Director of Marketing and Communications at UBC. A passionate marketer, her career has propelled her from the ground up; from launching the first carbon neutral Olympic Games with VANOC in 2010, to above the clouds with Wardair and Canadian Airlines. Wherever she goes, whether it be financial services, aviation and tourism, or environmental services, barriers fall and milestones are reached. Here are Kari’s career takeaways on how to #StandApart:

If youre going to do something, make sure its unique, and awesome, and kicks ass. – Kari Grist

Much of today’s marketing is rooted in fear, but it should be rooted in fearlessness. At the  2010 Olympic Games in Vancouver, Offsetters, with a budget of $35 000, took on global giants Coke and Sony. With an innovative media campaign, they floated the concept that without winter, there would be no winter games, and proposed the new sport of ‘bobwheeling’. This campaign had big impact globally, and its trajectory lead to a start up with twenty-five employees today.

You only regret the things you don’t do, so don’t shy away from your big ideas.

Don’t be afraid of change. It can be hard to know what career path should look like, and which decisions to make. Kari has changed cities, changed organizations, changed industries, and changed roles, and not regretted a one.

My only regret is not going for a role that I thought was too big for me.

Can’t go wrong as long as you let your personal values be your guide. In Kari’s case, this meant working for a company that was making a difference in the world. Figure out what’s important to you, and let that influence decisions going forward.

Kari’s presentation slides:

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