Smart Savvy’s Picks For 2014’s Top Marketing Campaigns

At Smart, Savvy we are a team of many talents. Not only can we zero in on top marketing, communications, and sales talent, we also know a good marketing campaign when we see one. After much debate and many hours of TV watching, here are our favourite Canadian marketing campaigns from 2014:

Smart Savvy Founder, Peter Reek love, love, LOVES President’s Choice. Peter is the host with the most and knows when the good food is gone, the party is over. Luckily President’s Choice has him covered and they also know how to present their products in a way that sets them apart from their competitors. Here are a couple of our President’s favourite President’s campaigns:

Food is Colourful Enough campaign. This campaign, stitched together by Toronto’s own John St., highlights PC’s move to rid their entire menu of artificial colours and flavours. Their palate has gone back to the “nature knows best” rationale.

PC’s Discovery Campaign. Who thought moldy cheese, mushrooms, and honey would be a tasty combination? PC is always on the hunt for innovative, delicious foods, catering to both foodies and health conscious audiences.

We weren’t surprised by our Alberta recruitment consultant’s choice. Matthew Campbell always has a smile on his face so of course he would be a fan of a fun, light-hearted Return It campaign from Encorp Pacific. Those guys are cute, but they mean business if you don’t recycle your Pepsi Zero can!

Our research manager, Rose Atkinson knows how to hunt out the latest local news and new biz leads for our recruiters and she knows a strong marketing campaign that sends a clear message. To launch its holiday cups which feature festive sweater designs, Tim Hortons asked Canadians to share their good deeds on social media. Each time a good deed was shared using the #WarmWishes hashtag, Tim Hortons donated a toque to a child in need through the Tim Hortons Children’s Foundation. As Marketing Magazine called it, “a tweet for a toque” campaign. The goal is provide up to 10,000 kids with a toque to keep warm over the winter season.

And the best jingle of 2014 goes to… Kellogg’s Canada for their Milk & Cereal campaign. Whether heard on the radio or TV you will find our talent scout and social media maven, Lindsay Dykman, singing along…even despite the fact that she is lactose intolerant. This little ditty is that catchy. Listen once, and we are sure you will sing along in agreeance!

Our Toronto lead, Sebastian Pavlovec is heating things up back east and so is Duracell. Duracell found a unique way to keep Canadians warm in the cold of winter with the heated bus shelter powered by human touch. The campaign encouraged Canadians to ditch the mittens and  reach out to those around them. It warmed our hearts!

This past year, it was Sears that had our comms/PR guru, Marina Guy, laughing the hardest. Any company that can poke fun and laugh at itself (and does it well) always deserves a round of applause. And anything with Mike Myers is guaranteed to win a few laughs in our country.


Have we missed any other notable Canadian campaigns of 2014? What is your favourite campaign from this year?