What’s Your Desk Type?

Here at Smart Savvy, we’ve been thinking about work. No surprise there, we’re all about work. But more specifically, we’ve been thinking about where people work – at home, at an office, in a shared workspace, at any available table in a coffee shop. Where?

Vancouver’s own Burnkit Studio was recently featured for their ‘where’. Online magazine, Inc., profiled Burnkit in an article featuring five workplaces that adhere to the “the latest office design craze – Hot Desking.”

The article argues that the “cubicle days are numbered.” Desks and dividers have been removed to make room for a more “free-range” approach where “employees (and their laptops) shuffle between open tables, couches, and stations.” The goal? To encourage “greater collaboration and innovation among co-workers.”

Burnkit Founder, Josh Dunford, describes their space like this: “What I love about it is that there’s room to think…we like the open environment…we’re set so that we can turn our screens and face one another. [With] only 12 people, we are like a family. Our culture here is that we trust everyone, and the space is conducive to that style.”

As for Smart Savvy: we have two offices. One is in Yaletown where we celebrate the wild and wonderful urban life (juice bar openings, couture donuts, exposed brick, easy access to the downtown agencies and companies we love). The concept is pretty open, though we do have ‘desks’. We love the energy of the other resident companies. Not so much the slow elevator.

The other, our South Surrey office, is located in a sunny condo in Morgan Crossing. There’s a community feel. An anchor Thrifty’s Foods surrounded by outlets, chain stores and local one-offs, not to mention a short drive from the growing number of Fraser Valley based marketing and designs firms hitting it out-of-the-park. We’ve turned a bedroom into a boardroom. It’s kind of like a chic recruitment boutique/pin-worthy Apartment Therapy feature home. We love it.

In between the two offices, we work from home, out of our cars, in clients’ boardrooms and sometimes, when we’re lucky, even more remote (i.e. wine country, please).

Like Burnkit, we are living proof that the ‘where’ of work is increasingly hard to pin down. Where there is wi-fi and reasonable access to coffee, there is an office. Blogger, Bob Kronbauer, from Vancouver is Awesome, recently tweeted his own hot-desk: a to-go coffee and a picnic table at Deep Cove’s Cates Park.

What about you? What’s your where like? Are you cubicle bound or are you ‘hoteling’?

And if you work in more traditionally designed office, what’s your desk/cubicle style? What does your designated piece of office real estate look like? Is it decorated floor-to-ceiling with personalized items or do you prefer a more bare-bones approach to office design? Tell us in the comments. Better yet, post a picture to our Facebook.

Here’s a peek into some other people’s workspaces: