Which Hogwarts House Does Your Company Belong In?

In the spirit of Fantastic Beasts taking the theatres by storm (okay, maybe I’ve seen it three times), Smart Savvy thought to take a deeper dive into the world of Harry Potter (okay, maybe it was only my idea) through a corporate lens, of course. All four Hogwarts houses have very specific traits, characteristics, and colours that identify their people — much like the identifying corporate culture of each workplace (only minus the wearing of colours…and having a Quidditch team). Each House is uniquely distinct and attracts different personalities.

Gryffindors are lions: brave and courageous, daring to do things others would shy away from (like facing Voldemort, for example). Hufflepuffs are as gentle as they sound — they’re kind, trustworthy, and just (not to mention they’ve produced the least amount of dark wizards out of all the houses #peacekeepers). Ravenclaws are sharp like their name, a house of intelligence, wit, and wisdom. Lastly, Slytherin has a bad rap but actually possesses admirable qualities such as determination, charm, and ambition. 

Where Other Companies Were Sorted…

So at this point all JK Rowling fanatics are thinking, where does my company and culture fit? Where would the sorting hat send me and my colleagues? Luckily for you, our friends over at Venngage created a sorting quiz — think Pottermore, but for businesses — and even sorted companies based on that company’s response or their Glassdoor/culture reviews. If you’ve ever doubted that Slytherin is the evil house, think again:

Infographics: Tech Company Culture Hogwarts Houses | Venngage

Tech Company Culture Hogwarts Houses | Make an Infographic

And Smart Savvy is…

After much humming and hawing (how does that sorting hat do it?) and wanting to answer with TWO answers for most questions, Smart Savvy landed in the Ravenclaw crew. That’s right, we’re witty and we know it. No, but in all seriousness, Smart Savvy prides itself on being a think tank and pushing itself to continually learn, grow, and progress. We fit right in with the Ravenclaw traits and are happy to be an original among originals in that house.