How to Host a #StandApart Oscar Party

Oscars 2014If there’s one great common denominator between us all at the office, it’s the movies.

We all see them. We all love them (or hate them, which makes for equally good conversation). Some of us might even wish we were in them.

Vancouver, with its “Hollywood North” reputation, is the ideal place to host an Oscar night. And, if you’ve been thinking of entertaining office friends outside of work, even better.

Oscar parties offer built in programming, free flowing bubbly (at my party, anyway) and a great reason to get together (way less pressure than a formal dinner party).

If you’ve been thinking you might like to try your hand at organizing a red-carpet bash, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve scoured Pinterest for the best-of-the-best when it comes to Oscar entertaining and compiled this list of my top 7 tips for hosting a #StandApart Oscar Party – for coworkers, friends or, if you dare, a mix of the two.

Don’t forget, the 86th Academy Awards air this Sunday, March 2nd at 4:00pm. We hope you’ll join our online Oscar Pool Contest too. It’s free to join and open to all. You can follow along online for automatic scoring during the awards, and you’ll be competing against other people from well-known companies in Vancouver. We’ll bring the prizes, you bring the fun.

How to Host a #StandApart Oscar Party in 7 Simple Steps

Make it Officially Awesome. 

Any good Oscar party has an air of tradition. When it comes to getting the word out, you’ll really set the red carpet mood with one of these “official” Oscar Evites.

Play Stylist for Your Friends

Let’s face it, people love a little dress-up action (even those who groan at the prospect). See Exhibit A: the wildly popular photo-booth trend. Look no further than your closest dollar store to create a fun stockpile of feather boas, sunglasses, necklaces and gloves. You may even have the odd bow-tie hanging around from a past wedding. Throw that in too. Put it all in a large basket near the door. Create memories. Take photos.

Provide Good Ol’ Fashioned Ballot Cards

You’ve already made your picks online but hard copy ballots, especially these free printable ones from Almost Makes Perfect, will give your guests something to twist when their guessing goes wrong.

Dramatic Red Drapes for Your Flat Screen

Warning: this idea holds high potential for a #PinterestFail (we’ve all been there, right?). Simply buy or borrow some substantial red fabric from your local sewing or craft store and create instantly dramatic old hollywood flair for your TV.


Here’s what the marketing industry brings to “The Industry”. This year, for the first time ever, @TheAcademy will integrate Twitter into the show in some pretty creative ways. For one, you can pre-post a red-carpet ready picture of yourself to #MyOscarPhoto and you’ll have the chance to stand side-by-side with a star whose been blue-screen captured on the red carpet. That picture, with your surprise star pairing, will then be tweeted back to you online. You can also follow @TheAcademy during the show to see candid photos of celebs taken by themselves in the greenroom.

Siracha Popcorn

Need we say more? Friendly competition can add spice to any party but good food is what really brings a night together. Siracha popcorn with lime and sesame oil sounds AMAZING – and the other four flavours listed here don’t sound bad either. Popcorn bar, anyone? These recipes will have you thinking twice before breaking out the fun-due set.

Make it a Happy Ending

No need to bake anything. Macaroons ooze that lap-of-luxury feeling stargazing ignites. Here at Smart Savvy, we’re partial to the beautiful little cushions of goodness coming out two local favourite, Soirette and French Made Baking.


There you go! All you need to host one unforgettable Oscar party. It may even become a yearly tradition. There are only four days left to join the Smart Savvy Online Oscar Pool Contest, so email today to secure your spot. Prizes include $100, $75 and $50 movie gift cards for the top four participants with the most correct guesses. Good luck!