Love Monday #33 – Quick-Fix Your Work Week

Love Monday LogoThis weekend Vancouver was fogged in by bad news on all sides. There was the canceled  Kayne West concert (who knew?), the report that British Columbians have become more rude (see Twitter feed on Kayne’s canceled show) and the loss of Vancouver’s favourite pirating site, isohunt.com. I don’t know about you, but I’m sure there are more than a few of us out there hoping for a big turnaround this week – starting today. Why not spend #LoveMonday learning something new…like how do VCs really work anyway? Or better yet, fix a problem… office infighting dragging you down? Here’s five ways to lift the fog and uncover your #StandApart week:

Fix a problem: Does this sound like you? “In one of my jobs, I worked for a unit where we spent more time fighting with each other than we did thinking about how we were going to attack the marketplace.” Read more about the perils of ‘infighting’ and what you can do about it.

Get Inspired: Last week, WE Day rocked Vancouver’s under-16 age set. An initiative of Free the Children (founded by Canadians Craig and Marc Kielburger), WE Day is all about bringing your spark to light a spark (of social change, that is). Here’s a recap.

Learn something new: It seems like everyone has a side project these days. If you want to be startup savvy, but you’re still not 100% clear how Venture Capital (VC) Funds work, look no further. This post by Russ Wallace offers an easy-to-follow high level structuring overview of VCs, detailing things like how and why investment decisions are made and just how all those “partners” get paid.

Find Meaning: Dust off your personal or corporate manifesto and give those guiding principles another chance to shine. This Fast Co. post looks at 10 ways today’s purpose driven brands (i.e. Whole Foods, Toyota) can bring their core values to life.

Or Don’t: Levity works wonders for a slow Monday start. Here’s Conan O’Brien’s first LinkedIn Influencer post. Will you be following?