Love Monday #41: ‘Tis the Season to #StandApart

safe_imageAny flight delays, spilled drinks and outrageous ticket prices were forgiven last week when @WestJet came out with its heart-warming Christmas Miracle video. Their real-time giving not only created an all new in-flight fantasy, but also brought a sense of greater meaning to an often challenging process for both staff and guests. Through the power of marketing (and a little teamwork), the business of getting from A to B was suddenly, once again…magic. It seems WestJetters know what many of us are still learning: that success at work is about relationships, and the happiness (however measured) we can create together. Merry #LoveMonday to our #StandApart readers.

The weather outside may be frightful, but these 3 viral holiday marketing campaigns are positively delightful (and brilliant) @WestJet @Ikea @zulualphakilo

What could be more important than your individual performance? Be prepared to prove your network competence. Yesterday’s “nice guy” – the person who supports and nurtures their network and works well across all teams, functions and levels – is the new measure of success.

Here’s a holiday-inspired work challenge: Where can you capture or create a moment of generosity in your work environment today? And here’s a hint…while coffee delivery is always nice, it doesn’t have to be monetary. Here are 5 excellent ideas for how to be generous at work (and get ahead).

If a gift must be bought, we like these co-worker gift ideas from YVR bloggers: 10 Best Holiday Cookies from Vancouver’s Best Bakeries from @followmefoodie, Secret Santa Gifts that Give Back via @VanVitaminDaily and @tejerven’s list of uniquely made-in-Vancouver crowd pleasers at @VancityBuzz

Professionalism to the end and pre-emptive New Year’s goal planning: great tips for bringing a taste of your holiday spirit to the office without forgetting January is just around the corner.