Love Monday #49: How to Fail-Forward

Pop quiz: Vancouver’s current weather forecast is best represented by which Oscar nominee?

If you guessed Disney’s big screen comeback “Frozen”, then you should definitely be part of our Smart Savvy Oscar Pool Contest. It’s open to all, with four top prizes of $100, $75 and $50 movie gift cards up for grabs (plus bragging rights).

Maybe your career or your current team is feeling a little bit frozen itself?  Here are five #LoveMonday links to keep your skills hot and avoid a career ice-age.


Competition and Your Career – “A rising tide raises all boats,” said a cinema expert about the feverish competition amongst animation studios today. Perhaps the same logic can be used for your career and the other rising stars in your organization? Do you fear competition from your colleagues or do you use it to drive your performance? Here’s why competition int he workplace might be a good thing.

Can LinkedIn get you a job and what is Twitter good for? Listen to Networking in Vancouver founder, Jen Schaeffers and LinkedIn Trainer, Trevor Turnbull, share how they leverage the top social media networks for professionals via CKNW’s Bill Good Show. Excellent insights in the online and networking habits of three outstanding local leaders.

The Two Basic Mindsets that Shape your Life. Believing that your personality, traits or even simple “luck” are carved in stone can place serious limits on your potential. Stanford psychologist, Carol Dweck says we must shed the “fixed-mindset” for a belief system that values fail-forward growth above all.

Get Your Own Attention. Learn Something New. The act of learning reminds us that we have skills to grow on and much more to do. If you don’t have time for weaving class, try reading for 15-minutes before red. Here’s Amazon’s list of 100 Book to Read in a Lifetime. 

“You are not just a toy.” The new Lego Movie demonstrates best-in-class storytelling for brands by igniting the  “inner builder” in all of us. (via @TheSalesLion)