Love Monday: Get Outside

Women-on-laptop-on-beachAfter an epic Vancouver weekend, we can all agree: good things happen outside. So much of ‘career-talk’ is set in the office, but what about the work that happens outside the office walls? What about the pop-up office picnics? The guerrilla marketing deployments? The lunchtime walk with your co-worker that got more to-dos checked off your list than the last five staff meetings combined? This #lovemonday, we’re celebrating ways to get your fix of Vitamin D and take your work to-go. After all, as Ryan Holmes says below, “No matter how busy (you think) you are…get outside and run your heart out.”

Take it to the streets. We had to give a #lovemonday nod to Chimp’s recent #lovemob. They surprised a #standapart charity with a boardroom barrage of flowers and macaroons – and made a pretty clever marketing video in the meantime.

Some of our best ideas happen at lunch. This month, Vancouverites will have 15 new food truck options complete with a mini 8-truck food camp outside the Queen Elizabeth Theatre.

Home. Car. Office. Car. Home. Recognize that pattern? If it sounds too familiar, you might be interested in signing up for the David Suzuki Foundation’s 30×30 challenge. 30 minutes outside every day for 30 days. Here are there top 6 tips for adding some green to your routine.

What happens when you really disconnect.

These “scenes” from a fictional character’s consumer journey will have you rethinking what you know (and how ready you are) for the future of ‘on-demand’ marketing.  Take note: none of it happens at her desk. Via McKinsey & Company.

Whatever you do, get outside and run your heart out. And other business lessons you can learn from a dog.