Love Monday – Teamwork

Love Monday #40

Love Monday #40

Pizza and innovation have gone hand-in-hand since Jeff Bezos, CEO of introduced the two-pizza rule: if your team can’t be fed with two pizzas, there are too many people in the room. His point is simple: smaller teams accomplish more. Far more. Especially when it comes to idea nurturing. Likewise, a team of one will leave you wanting. If your standard office mode is working head-down on your private island of get-the-day-done, your chances of succeeding (or impressing) are slim-to-none. There’s a lot to be said for what can be accomplished in a team – once you figure out your own #standapart contribution to the group scenario. Here are some #LoveMonday links to get you thinking about what’s to love about working together:

Do performance reviews kill teamwork and crush morale? The ever-contradicting difference between team play and subordination.

You’ve been getting some major kudos on your ability to manage a team, but are you a leader yet? Follow this easy litmus test for finding out whether you’ve crossed over from ‘someone in power’ to ‘someone to follow’.

A great story about how one small Vancouver-based technology company disrupted the meeting industry to help conferences operate smoothly, foster faster collaborations and become all-around more interesting.

Set. Shoot. Score. A simple three-step playbook from the NBA for coming together as a team and re-setting your focus on how you’ll impress your teammates.

Two Vancouver outfits that are likely to be expanding their teams: Hootsuite and Kiip.