The scariest workday of the year

It’s not your first day of work or your last. It’s Halloween. And when it comes to dressing up, even the brightest minds can turn to skulls. 

Save for a few Halloween enthusiasts, most people find dressing up for Halloween at the office to be the ultimate pressure test. After all, remember what happened to Mitchell in his Spiderman costume on Modern Family? You’ve got to get it right.

In an ideal world, your costume would prove you’re a team player, highlight your great sense of humour and maybe even show-off your creativity (an especially important costume mandate for the marketing set). And that’s a tall order by any means. We feel deeply for all 100 of the new hires at Hootsuite. In a millennial driven workplace like theirs, Halloween at the office may as well be a second interview.

And then there’s the dreaded group costume – a whole different variety of fright. If you thought working together to get that last pitch or project out the door was a challenge, try deciding on a multi-person theme costume. By the end of the day, you’ll definitely know which teams are tight and which teams could use a little re-jigging. If you’re an office leader, pay special attention. You’ll see shining examples of collaboration and maybe even a few red flags about corporate culture – lest we not forget that a law firm specializing in foreclosures should never dress up as a homeless camp. Ever.

Lo and behold, this year’s fright fest falls on a Thursday, so chances are you’ll be at work. The DailyMuse has some great tips for getting your costume right, including doing some pre-holiday Facebook stalking to find out exactly how excited your workmates get about the whole affair. To ease your Halloween nerves (and hopefully curb some of that anxiety-driven candy eating), we thought we’d add some of our own costume ideas to the list – and hopefully hear some of yours too. Even better, we hope you’ll share some Halloween shots with us via via Twitter, Instagram or Facebook.

pic 1Jesse Pinkman

Made infamous by Ryan from The Office, this Breaking Bad themed costume works best if your regular Mon-Fri fashion statement says tailored and ironed.  Indulge in the ultimate casual Friday fantasy and retreat into your hooded cocoon. Once you’re there, take advantage of your fleece shield from regular workday distractions and go for some deep-thinking, strategy time.


pic 2James Bond

Go like an international spy into foreign departments and gather intelligence on what they actually do. You might just come out a better agent (with the right allies to back you up).  Plus, you’ll not only be dressed up for Halloween, but looking mighty C-suite too.


pic 3Ceiling Fan

A recent list of office costume ideas rolled out by BC Business include: “shirk responsibilities all day and go as a slacker” and “create a concept costume that nobody understands—it will make you look sophisticated.” We think irony also does the trick. Our favourite pun-y costume idea: the ceiling fan. Write “Go Ceiling Go” on a plain shirt and maybe grab some pom-poms. #InstaCostume. 


pic 4The Desk

So… you forgot about the 3 circulating group emails reminding everyone to “be a team player” and “show your spirit” by dressing up on Halloween. And now you’ve done what any panicked plain-clothed staffer would do, you’ve Googled last minute costumes for work and ended up here. Here’s a pro-tip from’s “7 costume types and what they say about you”: The answer was right in front of you all along! Just paperclip everything to your shirt and go as “your desk”! Take off your pants: Boom! Sexy-Your Desk! 


Basically, when it comes to your Halloween costume for work, you want to ACE it. That means your costume should be: Appropriate. Comfortable. And Epic. No pressure.